What Our Customers Have to Say

A picture of a lady using the Alumacart Utility Wagon to push a potted plant.

“Hey Jennifer,

I first fell in love with the Alumacart when I started working retail nursery in Jacksonville. I think it is one of the best designs for a tree cart. It Allowed me, as a woman, to work more independently moving heavier materials like big trees and pots. And with its easy break down I was able to throw it in the back of my car to take out to job sites enabling me to move multiple bags of soil and mulch around pool decks with ease. When I took a job in the Horticultural department at the Jacksonville Zoo the guys laughed at me when I bought an Alumacart for shifting around my giant terracotta pots….they didn’t think the Alumacart could handle the weight and they didn’t understand what the giant handle was for. However, now they have seen what that sturdy little cart can do and how easy it is to use and they are no longer laughing.

Thank you Alumacart for helping to make my job a little bit easier! :)”

-Jennifer B.

Jacksonville, Florida


Thank you so much. I think you’re absolutely wonderful and such a sweetheart! Your attitude towards others is truly fabulous. I’ll be sure to show off your merchandise to everyone I know.

Thanks again and God bless.”

-Annie K.

Panama City, FL

Aluminum Pull Wagon with bushes
Alumacart Utility Wagon carrying potted plant

“Jennifer and Julie,

Wow -what a cart! The Alumacart is all that you say it is and more. Our property is beachfront in a very rocky area. Over the years, each time we’ve dug holes such as for fence posts, clothesline, a mailbox or cleared for a garden, the rocks that are dug up are just pushed a few feet away to the side as they’re too big and heavy to move any further. Over time we’ve accumulated quite a few at the edges of the yard which has been unsightly at best. No more! This weekend I used the Alumacart and was simply amazed at how easy it is to move these away. I rolled the cart over rough terrain, up and down grades, while fully loaded. It’s a great design and is very solidly built. Please convey my uttermost thanks to the engineers and everyone else who contributed to this cart.

Thanks again.”

-Steve M.

Fire Island, NY

-Steve M.

Fire Island, NY

“Julie & Alumacart Team,

You guys are the best! Thank you for helping us update our old carts with your new ones. It has been great to have you guys so close and being able to meet all of our needs. The quality and durability of your carts are far better than the ones we replaced.

Thank you.”


Wabasso, FL

Aluminum Carts & Aluminum Wagons Stacked ontop of each other
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