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10/03/2021 5-5 stars

Don Gann

This Calypso Cruiser Wagon is perfect for hauling beach supplies like lounge chairs, umbrella and coolers. It pulls as easily on soft sand as it does on pavement, and the double handle lets two pull as needed. Very pleased!



Anthony Glaser

Alumacart Bimini Beach and Fishing Wagon This cart is top quality, haven’t got it on the sand yet but I have no doubts it will exceed my expectations. If you’re looking for a wagon to haul your surf fishing gear, this or one of their other wagon options will surely get the job done! Also with the all-aluminum construction you don’t have to worry about rust and it should last you a very long time.


11/01/2021 4-5 stars

Steve Kowalik

As expected. Prompt delivery, identical to pictures , seems sturdy and should last.


11/8/2121 5-5 stars


Well designed/built It’s really fantastic how it fits into a Reese hitch and can be transported to a use site for fishing or just beach play.


01/22/2022 5-5 stars

Noel Cinco

Very impressed with the company and the product


UV Kahuna Reviews:

Matt & Melissa

 Easily pulls across sand

Reviewed in the United States on February 14, 2021

Great beach cart! Carries a ton of stuff! We put it on top of our car shelf on top of the coolers to transport to the beach sinks it’s large. Only downfall is it doesn’t dismantle easiest to transport inside a vehicle once it’s built. Wish it would be able to come apart for easy transport. But we have not found another beach /fishing cart that is sturdy, easy to pull across sand and holds as much as thins one. Worth the money!!

John R Jackson

 It’s big!

Reviewed in the United States on October 24, 2020

Our Big Kahuna wagon is amazing. Fishing trips are so easy load the wagon in the truck and go. When it’s time to come home, it’s so easy. No more unpacking and repacking gear. Everything fits! It also gets us noticed, nearly everyone who walks by us at the pier stops to ask where we got it. It’s SOOO big! But it’s a Big Kahuna, after all!!!

Denise Plouffe


Reviewed in the United States on July 21, 2021

Verified Purchase

 We absolutely love our Big Kahuna Aluminum Beach wagon. Highly recommend by our family. Brought out all of our 5 chairs, cooler, our beach bags full of beach towels and all other gear.

Consign & Design

The BIG Kahuna

Reviewed in the United States on January 16, 2021

So perfect! Exactly as described

Big Kahuna Reviews:

Mehran Rouhanian

sturdy, can haul a lot, easy to clean and move on any surface

Reviewed in the United States on July 3, 2019

if you can look past the price and want something that should last a long time and can haul a lot of different things then this is for you. We have it at the beach house and i put 8 beach chairs and large cooler, two large blankets, 2 boogie boards, 8 beach towels, 2 large umbrellas and 2 large baskets of beach toys. It all fit, easy to move it on the sand as well and that is what i wanted it to hold and do so to me money well spent. it does get heavy so i wish there was some motor add on accessory i can get for it to make it a little easier

Brian T Derby

It’s very well made

Reviewed in the United States on June 28, 2021

Verified Purchase

I use this to haul my surf poles, fishing gear, ice chest, huge Bluetooth speaker, chairs, and all the stuff my wife doesn’t need, but needs to have with her out on the beach.
I installed 4 pvc pipes to the corners, and constructed a table frame out of pvc that slips into the 4 corners, mounted some thin plywood to it so I can bring even more crap to the beach. Once I get set up, I pull the table out, and have a coffee table on the beach. It’s always a great day with this thing. It’s really expensive, but I’ve never seen a better beach cart.

Ann Couture

Love it!!Great cust service! Prompt responses.

Reviewed in the United States on July 20, 2019

Exactly as advertised! Easy to assemble. Used it to carry a disabled person across the fluffy sand so she could go to the beach. I’ve called the company several times before ordering and Jennifer was always helpful and friendly. Great product and I recommend it to everyone. It holds the weight and performs like a dream.


Best beach cart on the market

Reviewed in the United States on September 20, 2019

Used for my beach business to haul a large ice chest. The cart works great in the sand and is made out of durable metals that will hold up around the salt water. Customer service was great. I initially had a defective tire and they immediately sent a new one at my request.

Smart Shopper

Great product

Reviewed in the United States on October 24, 2019

Great product. We are the envy of the beach. It fit all of our gear as a family of 6. It was also great in the sand. I would recommend this wagon to everyone. It was a great buy and it is very durable.

Timothy D Diehm

Balloon Tires!!!

Reviewed in the United States on September 1, 2019

Beach wagon! Pulls easy on the street and in the sand.


Awesome looking cart

Reviewed in the United States on December 23, 2019

Verified Purchase

Performs great. Easy to pull fully loaded in soft sand. Plenty of room for all the beach stuff

Kai Moser

Don’t waste bread on any other full wagon…The Big Kahuna is what you want.

Reviewed in the United States on May 17, 2021

The Big Kahuna is both well built to get my scuba and fishing gear to the beach and it’s such a head turning wagon, I had to throw my company name on it. LOL IF YOU LIVE ON THE BEACH, THIS IS THE CORRECT CART. Made right here in Florida. 😉



Nice solid cart FIVE STARS

Easy to put together, very sturdy, and easy to pull. My in-laws who are in their 60s were able to pull this cart with ease. Excellent cart, would definitely recommend.


Berch Wilbert FIVE STARS

Nice wagon

I ordered this after going to beach and hauling all the chairs, umbrellas, and ice chest without one should make my vacation more enjoyable and pleasant


 Bill Sedlock FIVE STARS

I received my cart and put it together with no problems. I live two blocks from the beach and after loading it up, off I went. Smooth pulling on the sidewalk. When I hit the sand, it was still pretty easy to pull, considering I had it loaded up with chairs and two umbrellas, cooler and two boogie boards. The only thing I would like is an extension on the length of the pulling handle. I think another 8-10”on it would balance the pulling better. I may try to have something made to add to the handle. The cart is made for lots of beach stuff and worth every penny.


 Adam Schira FIVE STARS

Beach Cruiser

Great cart! Would recommend!


 Amy Ashley


This cart is very well made! Pulls across the sand very easily! Wish we had made this purchase years ago!!!


Curtis Deard FIVE STARS

Awesome rig

I was initially hesitant about this cart because of some of the reviews. As much as I love surf fishing, it was worth the gamble. The cart arrived and noticed the instructions are I’m big red letters on the side of the box. Missing them would be kinda difficult. The cart had excellent welds and the typical edges you’d expect from a custom build. I guess if you work in an office and moan when you touch a shovel handle, it would be a little rough.. ultimately it was exceptional quality craftsmanship. I didn’t have to look at the instructions because a blind monkey could figure it out. The build took maybe an hour. Although, I did look at the instructions afterwards to get the cool stickers. This wagon is a piece of art, definitely what I was needing for heavy loads. All materials were accounted for and packaged with care. Factory Pure’s great customer service was on top of keeping me informed of transit. This is a must have for any real surf fisherman.. H huge thank you to them guys…


 Kimberly Strite FIVE STARS

Big Kahuna Large Beach Cart

Absolutely LOVE this cart! It’s big and can hold all our beach gear. Rolls through the sand easy and smooth. Highly recommend


 Karen Ramsey FIVE STARS

Excellent cart

Cart is exactly what we wanted and I am thrilled with it! Easily put together and will last for ages!!



Solid. Quick delivery. Easy Assemble

Absolutely worth the money. Can’t go to the beach without others inquiring about where to get them one.



Big Kahuna Beach Wagon

Enjoying our beach wagon for lugging stuff to and from the sand. Great customer service with FactoryPure! I had a question about timing of shipment and they were communicative and kept me very informed.


 Sarkis Abelya FIVE STARS

great product

Love it. Lightweight ,sturdy, durable and effective that gets my fishing needs done



Big Kahuna ????

Essy assembly and an awsome cart. Worried it would be too big until I put my stuff in it, it’s perfect. I’m using ramps to put it in the back of my pickup truck for easy 1 man loading/unloading. Highly recommend.
PS: Complaints of no Instructions; Instructions are on outside of box in sleeve! Found it after assembly. Lol




Big Kahuna lives up to its expectations

Let me start by saying the Big Kahuna Wagon is amazing! It has enough room to carry everything the fam needs and then some (extended fam end up throwing their stuff on it too) ???? It’s finally a product for the sand that actually “works!” The wheels roll on the sand with ease like they’re suppose to! ???? I think what I appreciate even more about the Alumacart company is their commitment to continuously improve their products. I’ve had the honor to speak directly with one of the owners, family owned business by the way and customer service has been amazing. I’m excited that not only are they adding to their fleet of carts, they’re now looking to raise the bar enabling their enhancements to be “added on” to improve their existing products! How cool is that? Alumacart thank you for literally helping “carry” us through 2020 and beyond ????
Yes, I custom painted mine ????