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SIDEKICK Beach and Fishing Wagon


The ALL NEW SIDEKICK Beach and Fishing wagon!!!

The world’s greatest ALUMINUM beach and fishing wagon featuring TEN ROD HOLDERS!

The same amazing top of the line features always offered by Kahuna Wagons.  All aluminum fabrication with stainless steel hardware create a lightweight, rust-free powerhouse of a beach & fishing wagon.  Make a day at the beach fun again!  No more struggling to haul all your gear  to the shore! Bring the Sidekick for a stress and strenuous free day at the beach.


Our best-selling accessory! Store those bulky beach chairs on the OUTSIDE of your wagon, freeing up all of your interior wagon space for all your other gear.

Spacious 18″ x 24″ tabletop perfect for any day at the sports field, beach, or day of fishing. Prepare all the day’s food and drinks. Slides into rod racks and includes two cup holders.

Ideal for any Kahuna Wagon accessory as well as fishing rods, umbrellas, or garden tools!

Change out your balloon sand tires to turf tires. Ideal for using your beach wagon during the off-season for terrains other than sand. Quick and easy to change, includes four axle spacers and stainless hardware.

Extra thick neoprene padded deck mats. Hauling precious cargo? Want to protect your aluminum deck? Want to roll in style? Available in multiple colors and styles.

A convenient item to keep around to inflate your tires on the spot. We recommend using a bicycle pump rather than a compressor to fill your tires to eliminate the possibility of over-inflation.



The SIDEKICK Beach and Fishing Wagon

The Sidekick Beach & Fishing wagon was the ICAST 2021 BEST OF CATEGORY WINNER FOR "BEST FISHING ACCESSORY"!!!

Solid aluminum 20" X 36"deck with corner drain holes.

• Glides easily through all standard entryways, doors and gates, only 28.5" wide including tires.

• TEN total rod holders.  Six angled to eliminate risk of breaking rods when hauling under overhead archways and gates.  Four additional rod holders (two in the front and two in the rear). Can be used for additional rods, umbrellas, cutting board accessories, etc.

• Ergonomically designed heavy duty aluminum pull handle with comfort grips.

• Four-11.8” low PSI balloon sand tires that glide through the soft sand or dirt.

• Rust-free aluminum fabrication with stainless steel hardware.

  • No maintenance required!

Additional information


20" x 36" with a 2" perimeter lip




18.5" x 34.5"
Including rod holders: 15 7/16” x 31 5/16”.


max 28″


9.25" tall and made from 2" round aluminum tube.


11.8" x 7"


.75″ round


45 lbs


up to 350 lbs