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The Articulating Wagon with “QUADRI-Steer” Technology.

Don’t have much space?? The Articulating Wagon is perfect for you!

The Articulating wagon’s amazing design allows it to practically pivot 360 degrees in its own space.


Free up space in your vehicle and haul your Kahuna Wagon with your trailer hitch. Complete with LED brake light and safely secures to your wagon with Master Locks.

A necessity for any soft sandy terrain, especially the beach!

Add aluminum walls to keep your loads secure, all aluminum fabrication with corner stainless bolts for added strenth.

Ideal for kayaks, surfboards, and paddle boards. (Require rod racks on the front and rear of your wagon.)

Filet up your fresh catch or prepare the day’s sandwiches. Complete with cup holder and holes for lures, knives, and tools.

A convenient item to keep around to inflate your tires on the spot. We recommend using a bicycle pump rather than a compressor to fill your tires to eliminate the possibility of over-inflation.

These superior quality, old-school, high-back beach chairs are the perfect addition to your day at the beach or the sports field. MADE IN THE USA!!!



Articulating Pull Wagon

• The Articulating wagon’s amazing design allows it to practically pivot 360 degrees in its own space.

• This heavy duty aluminum fabricated ARTICULATING pull wagon boasts a heavy duty 1/8” thick solid 27″ by 45″ aluminum bed.

• The 1 1/2″ perimeter lip keeps your load secure in the wagon bed.

• The solid deck has drain holes in all four corners to prevent standing water build up. Includes four: 10” four-ply pneumatic saw tooth tread rubber tires with grease fittings.

• The pull handle’s curved design allows the handle to stay upright while not in use. This eliminates the risk of anyone tripping over the handle while the wagon is not in use. The easy to grip handle is easily removable.

• “QUADRI-Steer” design allows for extremely tight radius turns! Perfect for areas needing extra maneuverability.  Drive CIRCLES around the competition with this wagon.

• Thousands of uses including: Gardening, beach wagon, fishing wagon, marina/dock wagon, farms, zoos, sanctuaries, equestrian use, equipment, generators… The list of uses is endless.

• For garden centers: The Articulating Wagon carries (15) three gallon containers.

• The superior quality and aluminum fabrication make this wagon virtually indestructible for commercial and industrial uses.

• Stainless steel nuts and bolts.

• It is rust free and corrosion resistant!


Additional information

Weight 45 lbs
Dimensions 46 × 26 × 5 in

27" x 45"


46 × 28 × 5 in


 45 lbs


800 lbs